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Download Game Pacman World Rally !!BETTER!!

Pac-Man World Rally contains gameplay that is standard to kart racing games. It also contains a 4-player multiplayer mode where you can access characters from both the Pac-Man world and many other Bandai Namco games. Pac-boxes are available on the track and allow the player the gift of one item. Pac-dots are also available on the racetrack. Each Pac-dot collected helps the player's meter go up. Once it is full, the player can press the specified button and turn into Pac-Man, and all the other players turn into blue (vulnerable) ghosts. If the Pac-Man eats any of the blue ghosts, the blue ghosts will stop for a while and get a major disadvantage on the track. This event only lasts eight seconds. A fruit activation button is on the racetrack. When the player runs over the button, fruit is scattered around the racetrack. When you run over the fruit, it allows the shortcut that corresponds with the fruit to become open for you.

Download Game Pacman World Rally

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Race Mode however is more akin to other kart racing games such as the aforementioned PAC-MAN World Rally and Nintendo's Mario Kart series. As opposed to the "open world"-type gameplay of Rally Mode, Race Mode instead forces all players onto a single linear course that they must complete three laps on. Courses have a variety of different gimmicks on them, such as hazards that may hinder their ability to traverse environments or speed boosts to allow them to speed through certain obstacles. Race Mode also brings back the shortcut mechanic from the original PAC-MAN World Rally: three types of fruits - cherries, watermelon, and grapes - are hidden on the course each lap that can open alternate routes once collected. The player needs a specific type of fruit to open a shortcut - this fruit is designated by a coloured pad on the ground (red for cherries, green for watermelon, and purple for grapes) that must be driven over in order to activate the alternate route. Once the route has been opened the player will lose the needed fruit and they will be required to collect it again the following lap.

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