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Eradicating Single Use Plastic and Breaking Our Addiction to Fossil Fuels


Who We Are

Reusable Solutions is an outreach organization that focuses on eradicating single use plastic and climate change through business promotion and influencing environmental policy. We believe that innovative business and smart environmental policy are the most effective means to transition from a linear to a circular economy. Our planet depends on it. Part of this transition is connecting reusable and renewable businesses with consumers through a community-based, grassroots process.

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Our Programs


VT Reuse and Recycle Initiative

Reusable Solutions has teamed up with Eco Friendly Beer Drinker and Casella to bring this initiative to fruition. The idea is simple, bring your can carriers back to a participating brewery or retailer. They will either reuse them, donate them to another brewery that reuses, or send them to Casella for proper recycling. The pilot program has launched in metro Burlington with hopes to expand to the rest of Vermont in early 2022. 


Look for the above sign in your local brewery or beer store to drop off your carriers. To read more about the initiative check out the press release here.

VT Signage Final Caps Blue_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

Zero Waste Wednesdays

Zero Waste Wednesdays is a weekly instagram live show where Ben of Reusable Solutions interviews thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and policy makers in the Zero Waste Space. Below is the last show but the whole archive can be found on our instagram highlights.


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