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Reusable Solutions

Eradicating Single Use Plastic and Breaking Our Addiction to Fossil Fuels

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Who We Are

Reusable Solutions mission is to eradicate single use plastic and to break free from fossil fuels. We design, implement and support programs in service of this mission. See below for examples

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Our Programs

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FLX Can Carrier Reuse Program 

Many aluminum cans are now packaged with plastic can carrier handles. Unfortunately, despite the labeling, these handles cannot be recycled with your household recycling. They can be reused or recycled through a drop-off special collection program. You can do your part to keep these handles out of the landfill or from clogging up the recycling stream by bringing them to a participating collection point.

In February 2024, Ontario County Department of Sustainability & Solid Waste Management teamed up with Reusable Solutions and Casella to launch the FLX Can Carrier Reuse Program. The idea is simple: bring your carriers back to participating locations (found here on this map) and they will be brought back to the #breweries to be cleaned and #reused.


If you want to join the program, please reach out to (Not .com)

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Imagine Zero: 

An Aspiring Zero Waste and Zero Emissions Music Festival

We’re more than excited to announce the Imagine Zero music festival. Buy tickets here!


Imagine Zero Music Festival’s mission is to have a festival that is zero carbon and zero waste. That means having the show entirely powered by renewable energy and have no trash. We know it’s unlikely to get all the way there for now, but we think it’s worth a shot to try and see how close we get. Read about all the initiatives we're working on here.

This festival attempts to provide a living example of what is possible for sustainable festivals. We want people to use all their senses to see, touch, smell, taste and most importantly hear what sustainability sounds like. We want bands, fans, and venues to point to this festival and say hey they did it, why can’t we do the same? Music has the incredible power to bring people together and create change.

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Musicians for Sustainability

Does this picture bother you? If so, let's do something about it! Reusable Solutions has launched Musicans For Sustainability. It is a band pledge that has the musicians themselves pushing for sustainability in their industry. The pledge is that they ask the venues they play to implement at least 3 of 6 eco-friendly eco-friendly solutions. Those are​:

  1. Renewable Energy

  2. Reusable Cups

  3. Reusable Can Carriers or Bottles

  4. Providing composting

  5. EV Charging (incentivizing low carbon travel)

  6. Water Refill Stations

If you're a band that's interested in signing, know a band that is, or are a venue looking to become part of the solution, go to this website. 

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VT Can Carrier Reuse Program

Reusable Solutions has teamed up with Eco Friendly Beer Drinker to bring this initiative to fruition. The idea is simple, bring your can carriers back to a participating brewery or retailer. They will either reuse them, donate them to another brewery that reuses. The pilot program started in November of 2021 with 10 breweries and reused over 10,000 in a 2 month period. As of January 2023, we have over 60 collection locations throughout the state and are collecting over 10,000 a month. 

Look for the below in your local brewery or beer store to drop off your carriers. To read more about the initiative check out the latest press release here.

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Zero Waste Education Talks

The above video is a talk about supporting Zero Waste in Vermont. It's part of a monthly program called Green Drinks presented by Sustainable Woodstock. These talks span a variety of topics which include what happens to our trash and recycling when we throw it out out, why reuse is better, and how to make reuse happen. Mr. Kogan is available to do these talks anywhere virtually or in person. 

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