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Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF)

What's a MRF?

It rhymes with smurf and it's the place where items from recycling bins get sorted. Depending on where you live in the country it will be different. Some communities have single stream recycling where you put all of your recyclables. Other communities have you sort out all of your plastic by number and metals by type. In NYC it's Dual Stream recycling. One bin for Metal, Glass and Plastic and a another bin for just paper. See below for videos of MRFs in different cities. Feel free to contact us if you run a MRF and want me to post a video of your location. 

New York City MRF
SIMS Recycling for Metal, Glass and Plastic


In NYC, the metal, glass and plastic gets sorted at SIMS recycling center in Brooklyn's Neighborhood of Sunset Park.

Casella Single Stream MRF
Parts of the Northeast

This video doesn't say what area it services. However, Casella services a large part of the Northeast. 

New York City, Paper Recycling
Pratt Industries, Staten Island

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