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Tell Me More German V105 12 Levels Download

Updates Made:1. Beach Mode Multi-W and the Pinpoint in this mode has been improved and updated.2. Bluetooth headphones pairing criteria have been updated. The device will now search for the headphones it has been paired with initially and try to connect to those. This will prevent the device from connecting to other Bluetooth devices when the Bluetooth setting is on. If you want to pair the device with different Bluetooth headphones (other than those it was initially paired with) you must delete them from memory as explained in the manual.3. The sensitivity value will now be displayed also in the Target ID section.4. The ground phase value calculated through automatic ground balance as well as tracking will now be saved.5. Multi-1, Multi-2, Multi-D, Multi-W frequencies will now be saved. The device will start with the last frequency used.6. The default Number of Tones for Park and Beach modes have been changed to 2.7. The default Tone Volume level of ferreous tone has been updated per each mode.8. The Ground Balance menu icons and the tones have been updated.9. The battery bar levels have been updated to be more linear.10. Bugs have been fixed.

Tell Me More German V105 12 Levels Download

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