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Nudist Teens

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Nudist Teens

NCMEC already manages a database that works to stop the spread of child sexual abuse materials (CSAM), but that tool wouldn't work for confused teens ashamed of struggling with sextortion, because it gathers information with every report that is not anonymized. Teens escaping sextortion needed a different kind of tool, NCMEC realized, one that removed all shame from the reporting process and worked more proactively, allowing minors to anonymously report sextortion before any of their images are ever circulated online.

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After tackling behavior modification schools for teenagers yesterday, the Times turns its attention to nude summer camps for teens. American Association for Nude Recreation runs a variety of teen nudist camps and according to the article, "The nudist association, the larger of two nationwide, sees this as a place to train 'youth ambassadors' to what nudists call the 'textile' world." Reporter Kate Zernike and the AANR go to great lengths to tamp down suspicions that it's a love-in (it's a way to feel empowered about your imperfect body) or that it's dangerous (people keep an eye on out on "newcomers" and camps have a fair amount of security) but when one 18 year-old says, "At school, if you see a person, you just see their clothes. Here you have to actually get to know the people," Gothamist can't help but wonder if it means know in the biblical sense as teens are all about the hormones from 13-18.

The AANR has a "Try Nude Journal," to give those wary a sense of how freeing it can be. The AANR website is sprinkled with pictures in soft focus, to give that soft core porn feeling to everything, versus the scary hard core porn reality that everyone is actually flabby, hairy, and normal. Read David Sedaris' account of staying at a nudist camp in his book, Naked.

Studies show diverse results. Some studies show that approximately 20 percent of teenagers have sent or received sexually explicit photos. A 2011 study conducted jointly by the Associated Press and MTV found that sexting is far more prevalent among young adults (19 percent) as compared to teens (seven percent).

David Finkelhor, PhD, director of the Crimes Against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire, explains that many of the studies have higher percentages, because they survey teens who are at or beyond the age of consent.

Studies also show that most teens send these photos to their significant others. Parents have long grappled with the problem of teens risking their reputations to attract the attention of another teen.

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