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Undercover Christmas Dvd To Buy

FBI agent Jake Cunningham fears his case against investment fraudster Scott Shift may not stick without the testimony of cocktail waitress Brandi O'Neill, who naively believed to be more then Scott's latest throwaway flirt. Jake is tricked by his mother to spend Christmas with his 'badly ill' father, Judge Joe Cunningham. Jake never visited his family in years, so he passes off Brandi as his steady date. Things get unhinged when dad discovers Jake is undercover and sympathises rather with the corrupt Shift family's lawyer Stanley. Starring: Jamie Gertz and Tyne Daly

undercover christmas dvd to buy

Pirate Pete is at it again and this time he plans on stealing the crown jewels form the queen of Roopleooplestein! Deb goes undercover as queen and Ryan must show her proper respect while pretending to be her servant and guarding the crown. Things take a turn for the worse when the director of the annual Wooden Spoon festival quits and Ryan must step in as the leader. Ryan learns that respecting authority is important, and being in charge isn't always as easy as it seems! 041b061a72


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