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Microsoft Dynamics CRM €? Custom Code Validation Tool For CRM 2013

Within CRM 2013, there is a new Phone type which can be added to a field. This field will allow you to think about removing that custom bit of JavaScript you may have written with CRM 2011 and replace them with this out of the box option. You will also need to set the country code and prefix within the System Settings to work with this new type.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Custom Code Validation Tool for CRM 2013


I need to test the code I use to update an entity via the API. We have an instance of the 2013. If my CRM API Host is what would i use for the test instance? CRM Discovery Host and CRM Address are both

The Custom Code Validation Tool checks for unsupported client side code (e.g. JavaScript) that will not work after the upgrade, while the Legacy Feature Check Tool checks for server side code that would break after the upgrade. Obviously for online customers you can only run the Custom Code Validation Tool, unless you export the solutions from Online and import it to a CRM On premise environment. For more information on how to use the tools see the CRM team blog.

This is the final post in my series on unit testing custom Microsoft Dynamics CRM code in which I've been showing how you can unit test custom C# code that interacts with Microsoft Dynamics CRM using Visual Studio's unit testing tools and Moq. We've looked at several different scenarios thus far, but none of them included the method under test throwing an exception. In this post I will show you how to test exception throwing using Visual Studio's unit testing tools.

Hosk, Awesome . It will surely come handy for the CRM devotees. I request you to add one more tool where some times we may need to provide Entity relationship diagrams to customers. This may be helpful -20152013-er-diagram-generator-tool/


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