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Advanced Portable Car Camcorder Manual __FULL__

2 Preface About the Manual Thank you for choosing our product! In order to easily use your product, we attach a detailed user s manual with the product. Please read it carefully before operation so that you can make better use your product. We are writing this manual with seriousness and sincerity, we hope to provide you the information as exhaustively as possible. If there is a difference between the manual and camcorder, please take the camcorder as standard. We reserve the right to change content or technical rules without prior notice. In addition, the manufacturer reserves the right to change technical specifications without prior notice. We are not responsible for any date loss and personal damage caused by misuse of software or hardware, maintenance, battery replacement or other unforeseen circumstance, we are also not responsible for any indirect loss caused by this.besides, we can t control the misunderstanding of users for this manual, so,we won t responsible for the accidental loss in the use of manual and the third-party claims arising from the use of the product. If the actual accessories in packaging doesn t match the attachment items, please take the actual accessories as standard. Accessories : Name Quantity (PCS) Recorder 1 Car Adapter (Output: 5V) 1 USB cable 1 3M sticker 1 Car Fixed Bracket 1 User Manual 1 2

Advanced Portable Car Camcorder Manual

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