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Jag Ar Maria 1979.rar

Jag Ar Maria 1979.rar

Jag Ar Maria 1979.rar is a compressed file that contains the video of a Swedish drama film called Jag Ar Maria (I Am Maria) from 1979. The film is directed by Karsten Wedel and based on the novel by Hans-Eric Hellberg. The film stars Lise-Lotte Hjelm as Maria, an 11-year-old girl who befriends Jon, a quirky, drunken painter played by Peter Lindgren. The film explores their friendship and how it affects their lives and relationships with others.

The film was well received by critics and audiences, and won two awards at the 16th Guldbagge Awards: Best Actor for Peter Lindgren and Best Cinematography for Rune Ericson. The film was also nominated for Best Film. The film has been praised for its realistic portrayal of childhood, its sensitive direction, and its beautiful photography. The film is considered a classic of Swedish cinema and one of the best films of Karsten Wedel.

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The film is set in the late 1950s in a rural town in Sweden. Maria is a bright and curious girl who loves to read and write. She lives with her mother, who is a nurse, and her younger brother. Her father is a sailor who is often away from home. Maria feels lonely and bored in her town, where nothing ever happens. She dreams of traveling and seeing the world. One day, her mother tells her that she has to go to Stockholm for a few weeks for a medical course. She decides to leave Maria and her brother with their aunt and uncle, who live in another town nearby. Maria is unhappy about this, as she does not like her relatives very much. They are strict and conservative, and they do not understand her. They also have a daughter, Pia, who is the same age as Maria but very different from her. Pia is spoiled and mean, and she likes to tease and bully Maria.

Maria tries to make the best of her situation, but she feels out of place and miserable. She misses her mother and her home. She has no friends in the new town, except for an old dog named Fido. She spends most of her time reading books or wandering around the countryside. One day, she discovers a cottage in the woods, where an old man lives. He is Jon, a painter who used to be famous but now lives as a recluse. He is eccentric and grumpy, but he also has a kind heart and a sense of humor.

Maria and Jon become friends, despite their age difference and their different backgrounds. They share their stories, their dreams, and their secrets. They also help each other with their problems. Jon teaches Maria how to paint and encourages her to express herself creatively. Maria helps Jon to overcome his alcoholism and his loneliness. They also have fun together, playing games, making jokes, and exploring nature.

However, their friendship is not accepted by everyone. Maria's relatives disapprove of her spending time with Jon, whom they consider a bad influence and a weirdo. They try to separate them and force Maria to behave more like Pia. Jon's former wife, Maj-Britt, who left him for another man, also tries to interfere with their friendship. She wants Jon to sell his cottage and move back to the city with her. She also tries to seduce him and make him jealous.

Maria and Jon have to face many challenges and obstacles to keep their friendship alive. They also have to deal with their own feelings and emotions, which sometimes confuse them or hurt them. They have to learn how to trust each other, how to respect each other, and how to love each other.

How to Download Jag Ar Maria 1979.rar

The file Jag Ar Maria 1979.rar can be downloaded from various online sources, such as File.AL . The file size is 891.0 MB and it contains the video file with Swedish audio and English subtitles.

However, downloading copyrighted content without permission may be illegal in some countries, so please be careful and respectful of the law.


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