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Nitro Racers-GOG [CRACKED]

Street Racer is basically a Super Mario Kart-style cartoon go kart racing game. Up to 4 players can compete on the same computer, or you can play against 7 computer-controlled players in a race to the finish. In the same wacky style that characterizes Super Mario Kart, you will encounter bizarre opponents armed with weapons that are as crazy as their personalities. The game offers 8 different vehicles with different speed, haste (acceleration), and resistance levels. On the tracks, you can collect power-ups like bombs, nitro fuel, or health packs while trying to get ahead of other cars -- or blow them out of the race entirely.

Nitro Racers-GOG

Hope this short guide gave you an overview of how the nitro boost mechanics work. Those mechanics are heavily used in the Oxide Time Trials Guide as well, make sure you check that out if you want to test your skills. Knowing the above terminology will help you understand better how to perfect your times on each track.

Completely agree. The drifting and jumping feel awfully clunky in nitro fueled. Going back to the original you notice how much more responsive the ps1 version feels. Its a a shame because other that this remake is absolutely perfect in almost every other way. ( and that rubberbanding AI can get fucked) 041b061a72


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