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Introduction To Neural Networks Using Matlab 6 0 S N Sivanandam Sumathi Deepa

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in this training the neural network can be used to identify input/output patterns. in this tutorial, neural networks is trained to recognize the meetei mayek (mayek lova) script. meetei mayek script is a traditional writing system used by the meitei tribe in northeastern india. it was adapted from the mongolian script used by the mongols during their invasion of india.

neural networks are very powerful learning machines. they are inspired by the way neurons in brain perform learning. neural network learns to perform the task by giving examples and simulating the learning process. for an example, the neural network gives an input on the meetei mayek script and determines an output, using information such as the weight or threshold value. a small error is given, which is the input from the previous step, and the neural network will adjust the weight and threshold value until it produces the correct answer.

a typical neural network has three layers (input, hidden and output layer). the layers are numbered from the input to the output. neural network begins with the input layer, in which numbers are converted into features (input data). hidden layer then converts this feature to higher level of representation. the output layer then reinterprets the higher level feature to represent the output.

the input data are processed by the neurons of the hidden layer, whose weights and thresholds are altered so that the outputs are produced. after the neuron activation process, the output of the hidden layer is multiplied with the weight of the next layer and the final output is obtained. 3d9ccd7d82


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