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Crucifist Black Metal

The concept of Deathfests is simple: to bring to the world the best and most extreme bands the underground has to offer. Never conforming to trends, or being limited by genre restrictions, we want to showcase what extreme music, both new and old, is capable of. With an emphasis on diversity, our festivals bring together the very best death metal, grindcore, doom, thrash, hardcore, black metal, and experimental bands from all around the world. Since the inception of Maryland Deathfest in 2003, festival organizers Ryan and Evan have continued to strive to bring together some of the most legendary bands in the scene and some of the most talked about up-and-coming bands in the underground for unparalleled event experiences.

Crucifist Black Metal

Culted's new LP of "blackened psychedelic doom", Below The Thunders Of The Upper Deep is out NOW via Relapse Records. Their glacially paced doom brings to mind the less speedy works of Stephen O'Malley, and the band is currently streaming a pair of tracks at their myspace. In addition, download "Social Control" from the new LP above!

Year of No Light, who have not released a follow-up to the MASSIVE Nord (much to my chagrin), but will release a new live LP/DVD via Burning World Records, Live at Roadburn 2008. The pressing is available in black (300 pieces), gold (100), and silver (100) vinyl.

UK Crust-metallers Hellbastard are hitting the road with Resistant Culture and have scheduled an NYC show at Europa on Fri Sept 25th. Tickets are on sale. Full Hellbastard dates are below.

Two interesting side projects worth mentioning.... first up Crucifist, who will release their debut LP Demon Haunted World via Profound Lore on Sept 22nd. Featuring Danny Lilker (Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault, others) as well as members of the doom band Orodruin, Crucifist toils in the early black metal sound found in early Darkthrone, Bathory, Venom, and Celtic Frost. Check out "Honor" downloadable above. In addition, members of General Surgery and Dismember have teamed up to form Iron Lamb. Check out their myspace for three streaming demos. 041b061a72


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