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Gaming journals reported the likelihood of a sequel to Infamous due to a Twitter post made by actor David Sullivan reporting on auditioning for the role of Cole in the game's sequel.[11] In April 2010, Sony purchased the domain name "", increasing speculation that a sequel was in development.[12] The game was unveiled on June 4, 2010, when Game Informer released the cover for their July 2010 issue which featured a preview of the game.[13] Development of Infamous 2 started immediately after the first Infamous had finished development.[14] Sucker Punch hired their own QA staff to test and report bugs for the game. Game director Nate Fox, director of the original, also directed Infamous 2.[15] The core development team consisted of 65 to 75 people, an amount considered "small".[16]

Infamous 2

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Rumors of inFamous 2 being in development started to surface after the actor David Sullivan posted his latest audition for the voice role of Cole MacGrath on Twitter. In April 2010, it was reported that Sony purchased the domain name, further implying a sequel was in production. The game was fully unveiled after the magazine Game Informer published the cover of their July 2010 issue, which showed a new design of Cole MacGrath. The issue showed previews of inFamous 2.

However, the possibility that John White and the Beast in Kessler's timeline was one in the same was likely with the latter's tampering on the past changed both his motives and when he appears, as hinted by dead drops that Cole later found in infamous 2. As with many time travel narratives, there is simply no way to be certain.

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