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Of all the wardrobe staples you rely on, the best black leggings for women are the true MVP. The infinitely versatile loungewear staple remains an everyday-wear favorite among everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Gigi Hadid, because, after all, celebs are just like us: They love comfy clothing as much as we do.

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Therefore, based on limited previous research, the purpose ofthis study was to compare the performance of popular budget pricedleggings to high-end activewear leggings to determine if dupesreally are worth the consumer hype. A purposeful selection of fourdifferent activewear legging brands, two pairs of high-end versuslow-end dupes, were chosen to compare budget versus high-endathleisure garments. The material and garment level evaluationswere compared across the four pairs of leggings and analyzedfor significant differences. This research will enable productdevelopers, designers, and manufacturers to better understandboth the consumer opinion and technical side of activewear leggingperformance.

All leggings included in this study were black and purchasedin a size XL to allow for as much material sampling as possible.The fiber content of Brands A and B were the exact same. The fibercontent of Brands C and D varied only slightly in their percentage byweight. Although the four pairs of leggings were grouped into twopairs (higher end versus dupe), they were equally evaluated andcompared for all material testing.

Laboratory evaluations of four brands of leggings wereconducted in a textile testing laboratory using standard testmethods from the American Society for Testing and Materials(ASTM) and the American Association of Textile Chemists andColorists (AATCC). Based on positive and negative consumerreview phrases, summarized in Table 1, and lab capabilities, thefollowing evaluations were conducted: fabric weight, thickness,pilling resistance, opacity, vertical wicking, and air permeability.The standard test methods for these evaluations are provided inTable 3.

In addition to material performance, a dynamic sweatingthermal manikin was utilized to evaluate consumer comfort(average temperature sensation, average surface temperature, andaverage comfort) when exercising in each legging. Prior to testing,the leggings were conditioned according to ASTM D1776-16 (ASTMD1776-16 Standard Practice for Conditioning and Testing Textiles,2020) [10]. The samples were placed in a controlled room at 21ºC 1ºC and relative humidity of 65% 2% for a minimum of four hoursbefore each test.

Data analysis: The basic statistical software toolpak inMicrosoft Excel was used to conduct the statistical analysis for thisstudy. One-way, single factor ANOVAs were performed between allfour leggings for fabric weight, thickness, air permeability, verticalwicking, and opacity. There were little to no differences betweenleggings for pilling resistance and repeated measures were notavailable based on the nature of the sweating thermal manikintesting conducted, therefore, no statistical analysis was conductedon those two performance characteristics. A p-value of 0.05 waschosen to indicate statistical significance. If significant differenceswere found between the four pairs of leggings based on the results ofthe one-way ANOVAs, then individual two-sample T-tests, assumingequal variance, were conducted between all pairs of leggings, withspecial attention paid to comparisons between the Brand A and Bleggings and the Brand C and D leggings.

Laboratory evaluations examined four brands of athleticleggings with two groups of similar or exact fiber blends. Thisresearch was conducted to assess comparisons of high end versuslower-priced dupe leggings to establish which pair had greaterperformance. Table 5 provides the average results for the laboratoryevaluation of performance characteristics for each legging.

Air permeability is a measure of breathability through fabricand therefore provides information regarding the potential comfortof the material when worn on the human body. The Brand Aleggings had significantly greater (p

The sensation measure reflects how warm or cold theenvironment around the manikin feels relative to skin temperatureand is based on a scale of -4 to 4, where 0 means the manikin feelsno sensation of warmth or cold [9] (MTNW Internal TechnicalManual). The average sensation values were negative indicatingthe manikin felt cooler when wearing all four legging brands.There were no differences in the temperature sensation resultsbetween Brands A and B or between Brands C and D. The averagesurface temperature reflects the mean skin temperature (Tsk) foral 35 zones for the duration of the hour-long protocol [9] (MTNWInternal Technical Manual). There were negligible differences inaverage surface temperature between leggings tested under thesame protocol.

Physical textile testing evaluations revealed that Brand Aleggings had significantly higher air permeability and quickerwicking capabilities than the Brand B dupe leggings. Both datapoints indicate the Brand A leggings may be more comfortable,especially when worn during exercise as they wick sweat awayfaster and are more breathable. Brand A leggings also had thelowest fabric weight and were the opaquest. Based on the results ofthis study, the higher-end, higher-priced Brand A leggings may be ofmore value to consumers than the lower-priced dupes in terms ofmaterial performance. However, when tested on the garment levelin a simulated exercise scenario using a sweating thermal manikin,there were little to no differences in perceived comfort sensationsor manikin surface temperature when wearing either the Brand Aor Brand B leggings.

When comparing the Brand C and D leggings, differencesbetween the higher-end Brand C and dupe Brand D were notas pronounced as they were between Brands A and B. Brand Cleggings had a lower fabric weight and greater thickness than Brand B leggings, similar to the relationship between Brands A andB, however, there was no difference in air permeability between theBrand C and D leggings. There were slight significant differencesin wicking rate between the two pairs of leggings, however, BrandC only significantly outperformed Brand D in the vertical machinedirection during the short period test only. There were also nodifferences in thermal comfort sensations or average surfacetemperature between the Brand C and D leggings, indicating BrandD performed as well as Brand C under the same exercise protocol.While Brand C leggings were opaquer than the Brand D leggings,both were found to be significantly more see-through than Brand Aand even the lowest priced legging in the study, Brand B.

The objective of this research was to compare the materialperformance and thermal comfort of high-end activewear leggingsversus their popular lower-priced dupe counterparts. A randomselection of activewear based on consumer review researchconsisted of four different garments, including two sets of highendversus low-end dupes, to compare budget versus moderateand high-end leggings. Results were analyzed and comparisonsbetween leggings determined which garments would be deemedof greater value based on top consumer desires for activewear(comfort, opacity, breathability, lightweight, pilling resistant, etc.).

In line with consumer reviews, the highest priced BrandA legging outperformed all other leggings in this study on allperformance characteristics except pilling resistance, as it was theonly pair found to exhibit even the slightest pilling. However, thesedifferences in pilling were negligible. Brand A leggings, purchased ata retail price of $98.00, were found to be more comfortable in termsof air permeability, vertical wicking, and fabric weight, as well asthe opaquest. Interestingly, while not directly compared, the dupeBrand B leggings, purchased for only $22.99, outperformed thehigher-end Brand C leggings in many areas including fabric weight,air permeability, and opacity. However, the Brand B leggings hadthe lowest wicking rate of all leggings in the study. The moderatelypriced ($50.00) Brand C leggings were not as superior to theirBrand D dupe ($23.99) as the Brand A leggings were to their BrandB dupe. In addition, the Brand B dupe leggings outperformed theBrand C and D leggings in many cases.

In terms of overall consumer value, Brand A leggings could beconsidered the most valuable even with their high-end purchaseprice as they significantly outperformed all leggings included inthis study. As Brand C leggings were double the price of Brand Dleggings, they would not be considered a better value based ontheir retail price and performance in this study. Brand D leggingsmay be considered the better value because they are less expensiveand have very similar material performance compared to leggingBrand C.


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