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And The Vodafone Community Connection Award Goes To…

At Sage, Jeana is the global LGBTQ+ ERG lead and regional DEI champion co-lead, advising, mentoring, and supporting groups in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Canada and the U.S., resulting in an increased sense of belonging among LGBTQ+ colleagues across the globe. In June 2021, Jeana facilitated a panel discussion with two prominent transgender and non-binary community leaders and activists that had over 100 Sage attendees from North America. She has also written several internal articles around her queer identity, resulting in greater connection, understanding, and empathy among Sage colleagues. Jeana is currently the acting Board Secretary and Equity and Inclusion Committee board chair for Oregon Pride in Business, and has worked with three Georgetown University DEI Certificate graduates to provide "The Continuum of Gender Identity" training to Georgetown University cohorts and other organizations.

And the Vodafone Community Connection Award goes to…


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