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Download TAB COF Data Collection Kazmi Elecom Part01 Rar

bhai jan..ooper aap nay jo sofware deay hain,,wo 8gb memory walay borad k hain..mera board 4gb is board ki memory 4gb hay..saary software may download keay hain..magar error dy raha hay..k invalid keya 8gb memory waly board ka software 4gb memory walay board may install nahi hoga..aor 4gb wlala kahan milayga..shukreya..19201080 may to usb flash he nahi karti

Download TAB COF Data Collection Kazmi Elecom part01 rar

Download Zip:

HI! can you please help me to find files about this details SMART-ZE19 MODEL NO: LED-808 1366X768, I tried the link above it is TP.MS338.PB801_M90_CHINA_REMOTE but when i extract the file showing only a allupgrade and kazmi file have not boot and rom when i try to use ,in my tv it is only loading data on screen and 1% only i wait it but cant load. please help me. thank you!

TP.RT2982.PB801_1366x768_Samsung.part01 ye to download ho rahi hai baqi part2.3.4.5.per file not found araha hai aur RT2982.PB801 ki file mein .bin nhi araha .img araha hai kya karo jaldi bata dein please 041b061a72


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