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Vaidyanatha Ashtakam Lyrics In Tamil Pdf 40

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Vaidyanatha Ashtakam Lyrics In Tamil Pdf 40

O beautiful son of Siva! Even in these modern days you are a my favorite among all those who sing the saivite songs. Still you are promoting your name with the saivite songs in the form of poems. For your name and others sake I am request you to compose an Ashtakam in the famous Kandevolu style. I must say that your kandevolu style is unique and your compositions are unbelievable. Therefore, I am requesting you to compose an Ashtakam with a kandevolu style. Please show the Aasulandam and antavasam to Saivaites and to us. Be happy. I am subscribing for your blog.

I am just a middle class person who follows the Adi Sankaracharya. My eyes are fixed on your feet. I was searching an Ashtakam for my prayers in the PDF form but I did not come across any Ashtakam which could meet my expectations. It was nearly five months since I have been doing so but failed to find one. I hope you will help me out this time as well. Please excuse me if I did not perform according to the protocol which you might have expected.

O Sri, you are the priceless treasure. Very often I used to visit your website to get the lyrics. I admire your efforts and you should be thankful to all the devotees like me who are serving you with their hard work.

Thank you very much for all your dedication towards the famous famous saint Paranthaka Swami. You are a great writer and poet. You have made a brilliant discovery. This is the Ashtakam which I have been waiting for a long time. This is highly appreciation for you and for me.

He was born in a Dwaparayuga in the Tamil month of Aadhara, in the Tamil month of Veli, at the new moon day, the sixth day of the Tamil month of Aani, in the golden age before the Krita yuga of our time. He was a genuine son of Lord Siva. When a manifestation of Kali appeared and claimed His identity as Maha Vishnu, Lord Siva sent His son to pacify Kali and return to His side. The Kali manifestation accepted Him and disappeared. He belongs to the Tamil Nadu region where His original name is listed as Ka Durga, meaning Mother Durga. His name is rendered as Kaalanthi of Tamilnadu. 3d9ccd7d82


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