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Best Adobe Flash Player Free Download For Mac [TOP]

For your convenience, the top Flash player alternatives in this article are divided into three rubrics based on the platforms, browsers, and devices you can use to install them. Feel free to explore all the categories to find one or two solutions that match your needs more closely.

Best Adobe Flash Player Free Download For Mac

Lightspark is an open-source tool available both as a desktop application and a browser extension. This player runs any kind of Flash-based format on Windows and Linux and works well in Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and other browsers. Lightspark provides an extended set of code-editing features and also allows for viewing H.264 Flash videos on YouTube. You can download it here.

OpenSilver is a free open-source tool serving as an alternative to Microsoft Silverlight. OpenSilver is more a development tool than a player, but you can use it to run Flash-based content on your Windows PC. OpenSilver is compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers. Powered by WebAssembly, it not only supports SWF format but also enables work with different programming languages for web development. You can download OpenSilver here.

Gnash flash player is another app that comes as a standalone desktop player and a web browser plugin. It supports all Flash-based multimedia formats and serves as a great alternative to Adobe Flash Player for Mac. As a plugin, Gnash is available in many popular browsers. Its version for Windows, however, has not received updates since 2012, so it provides no support for SWF version 10. You can download Gnash here.

Elmedia Player is a media player that supports displaying different video formats on Mac, including FLV and SWF files. Users can stream Flash videos from their macOS devices via AirPlay and broadcast them on a smart TV. Elmedia Player also enables playback control and working with subtitles, and lets you enjoy viewing Flash videos in a full screen mode. You can download it here.

Lunascape is quite unique yet still user-friendly and free. If you want to go beyond standard browsers and explore the net in a brand-new way powered by three different rendering engines, Lunascape is a fine choice. You can download it here.

Elmedia Player is currently the only third-party utility that supports the playing of SWF files on the macOS.This free Flash player for the Mac provides the ability to view Flash content with multiple options and controls designed to improve users viewing experience.

There are many sites that offer a free and quick download of Flash Player, but beware of those sites. Many sites use Flash Player as a way to spread viruses and malware to your computers. To avoid this malware, the best way to get Flash Player is to download it from the official Adobe website.

Finding the best free flash player to play flash videos? Top 5 free flash players' reviews are given here to help you avoid as much as possible the annoying flash playing problems like movie/videos/TV shows/games freezing online, lagging, video audio not playing etc. If you don't currently have a free flash player, reward yourself with one of the best free flash players listed below to enjoy shows, games smoothly online with all the leisure time you've got. What's the best free flash player to download for Mac/Windows?

Among the top free flash player list, 5KPlayer for Mac OS and Win 7/8/10 is the foremost recommendation as it smoothly plays FLV, F4V, SWF videos with 720p, 1080p, 4K 8K resolution and offers free flash video download option. Don't belittle it! This fast, free flash player with fantabulous image/sound processing ability will make you startled.

For a reasonably long time, Flash Video has been the de facto standard for web-based streaming videos, and yet, its number is decreasing nowadays as HTML5 is uprising and that internet speed and band width are surging notably to support online streaming of MP4(ACC/MP3)/Webm/Ogg files. A manifesto targeted at occupying cost-based/free flash player plug-ins is on the go, accusing free flash players of being obsolete, but somehow, we cannot abruptly or fully get rid of flash files and free FLV/F4V/SWF players for as far as YouTube/VEVO/, flash games, news providers and the like are using it.

A critical security hole, considered as a zero-day vulnerability, is recently (end of June, 2015) found in Adobe Free Flash Player by Fireeye. This hole is used by hackers to remotely hijack the victim's computer by using a specially created video file. Therefore, for your security, if you've got a browser-based free Adobe flash player, you'd better either try downloading free flash player latest version (, or, more securely, uninstall the whole Adobe free flash player.

5KPlayer is a standalone free flash player that interweaves UHD playback quality with online F4V/FLV/SWF video download function. It plays flash videos from Dailymotion, Vevo, Vimeo on both Mac and PC and capacitates you to download tons of flash files and even a whole flash video playlist.

NOTE: Since HD movies are already an important element on YouTube and other online websites like VEVO, Vimeo, Metacafe, Spankwire etc. this high-res supportive feature is really practical in well-enjoying movies/MVs and other 3D, 4K/5K/8K videos with codecs like H.264, H.265, VP9, AAC, and MP3 (all come bundles with this free flash player).

NOTE: Download this free flash video player to free download flash videos/movies from over 300 online websites in a very speedy manner. You can download videos from Facebook and Vimeo, save music videos. Movies like Avengers franchise, Insidious franchise, music like Uptown Funk, Pretty Girls, Bad Blood can all be downloaded within a blink of eyes. The bonus is that if your internet speed is 10M, the free flash player can boost the download speed to 1.2M/s.

*With crystal-clear sound: 7.1 surround sounds supported*Free flash player helps you download and convert FLV to MP3*Supports almost all audio/video formats: FLV, F4V, SWF, WMV, AVS, FLV, MKV, MPEG1/2, AAC, WMA 7/8, Webm, OGG etc.*Supports AirPlay for Windows 8/10 and Mac OS.

Cons: *Only has windows version (Best KMPlayer for Mac->>) *Its latest version works heavier than before with ads everywhereVisit the official website of KMPlayer or go to Softonic to download the free flash player.

This "Free Flash Player" guarantees a problem-free FLV videos playing experience. There are no other options or features in this Free Flash Player, since its only aim is to be the simplest, fastest free FLV player you've ever seen, and it really achieves it.

This free flash player lets you navigate smoothly backward and forward through FLV videos and play them in a loop. Its UI is simple and self-evident, and the playback appears to be without any trouble during tests. This free FLV player can only basically handle the playback of FLV movies.

From the reviews of free flash players above, it is not hard to find that 5KPlayer stands out as the most feature-rich flash player that is also clean and easy to use. 5KPlayer deals not only with flash videos but also all the other online video streaming formats, playing MP4 (H.264/H.265), Webm and playing Ogg. It efficiently delivers abundant user experiences, provides a wide range of choices towards video music playing, video download and streaming.

5KPlayer is quite a powerful free flash player handling well with FLV SWF F4V files. Besides that, it is also good at playing 4K 5K 8K UHD etc videos movies, MKV WMV AVI etc files and MP3 OGG ACC etc music songs without hassle. If you want to download online videos music, this free flash player could also help you realize that to download thousands of movies videos music from 300+ sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vevo, etc.

Designed to be easy to use and install, users or website owners may install the web versionof Ruffle and existing flash content will "just work", with no extra configuration required.Ruffle will detect all existing Flash content on a website and automatically "polyfill"it into a Ruffle player, allowing seamless and transparent upgrading of websites that stillrely on Flash content.

There are two main codebases in two languages: The actual player in Rust, and the web interface& browser UI in JavaScript. If you have any experience in either area and would like toassist,please feel free to read ourcontribution guidelines,search for some issues totackle,andjoin our Discord to ask questions!

This program is a flash video player which can play all files with FLV format. With this program you can view the flash video as zoom in, zoom out, or fit to window mode, you can also skip to previous or next flash video, play or stop the FLV file...

As we all know that Adobe Flash Player is one of the most widely used tools for delivering audio and videos. But unfortunately, Adobe Flash Player can't support iOS devices. Although more and more sites using other ways to play videos instead of Adobe Flash Player, there are still some websites, games, and web apps still using Flash. In that case, what things we can do to play flash on iPhone? Or is there any flash player for iPhone we can try?

Puffin Browser is a mobile Flash browser for iPhone or Android phone/tablet. With the latest adobe flash support, Puffin offers incredible loading speed and full web page display. Puffin flash browser features its cloud computing technology. It can also download files cloud-to-cloud without consuming any network bandwidth. With Puffin like an Adobe Flash Player for Android/iOS, you can play any Flash movies or games online smoothly.

When playing flash videos, you can use a iPhone flash player browser. Besides flash player browser for iPhone, you can also choose to download and convert flash videos to iPhone supported formats. In o


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