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The Story of Reusable Solutions

Founded in 2019

What Is Reusable Solutions?

Reusable Solutions is an outreach organization that focuses on eradicating single use plastic through business promotion and influencing environmental policy. We believe that innovative business and smart environmental policy are the most effective means to transition from a linear to a circular economy. Our planet depends on it. Part of this transition is connecting reusable businesses with consumers through a community-based, grassroots process. By reusable businesses we mean those who are diverting waste from recycling and landfill. 

Types of businesses we represent:

  • businesses that take their containers back to sanitize them and reuse them

  • businesses that offer bulk stations where no new containers are necessary

  • businesses that manufacture or distribute reusable containers

  • businesses that facilitate food scrap collection

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It’s phrase we’ve heard over and over but there are currently too few convenient options for reusables. Where reusable options exist, awareness is minimal. Reusable Solutions aims to change that by promoting reusable businesses through Zero Waste event organizing and plugging them into environmental non-profits, civic organizations, and neighborhood clean up groups. These organizations are early adopters of reusables and are helping bring these solutions to the mainstream. 

A few groups we work with

350BK, Surfrider, 350NYC, Sierra Club NYC, Sierra Club National, bkSWAB, ManhattanSWAB, Beyond Plastics, USGreen Building Council, ReusableNYC, Upstream Reuse Network, Plastic Pollution Coalition, GreenBiz, Clean Up Collective, Clean Bushwick Initiative, Echoed Voices

Council Member Keith Powers Office, Cafeteria Culture, Zero Waste Workshop NYC

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