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Download Movie From Zen Kodi

We keep updating our list as the add-ons can get into legal disturbances from time to time and have to be take down. So, if you find any Kodi addons that do not seem to be functioning please let us know so we can set to looking for the next best alternative. However, it would always be best to keep yourself protected while using the Kodi addons and read their Disclaimer before proceeding. The reason you need to do is because the Kodi addons are allowing free illegal downloads of all the movies and tv shows, which can be tracked by your ISP. Illegal download of copyrighted material can get you stuck in legal reprimands because of which it is best that you use FastestVPN to keep yourself covered.

Download Movie From Zen Kodi

Exodus tops our list of the best Kodi addons. Even with so many popular Kodi addons going down, Exodus still keep on working smoothly and its database is continuously being updated. It has surpassed Covenant as the number one kodi addon and it can be installed directly from the Kodil Repository.

Oculus add-on is a relatively new add-on with movies and TV shows available in plenty of categories. For those who use Trakt for the library, integration would prefer this as this add-on was recently updated with Trakt added deeming it as one of the best Kodi addons with Trakt. The add-on is from Trademark Repository. The URL to install the repo is:

Just like INVICTUS Kodi addon, Insomniac is also an IPTV Kodi addon from the same repo as INVICTUS, i.e Illuminati repo. Along with a variety of sub categories, the main menu has 24/7 TV shows and movies too. This best Kodi addons URL to install the repo is:

You might find that this app looks like the spitting image of Exodus, and that s because it is the clone of the add-on. However, there is important difference that sets the two add-ons apart. What Movie theatre butter does instead is that it does not list dozens of downloaded links but instead it takes the best quality stream that it can find and plays it by itself. This means that you are saved the effort to look for the right streaming link manually, which is of course pretty frustrating. This is exactly why you are going to fall in love with this add on the minute you use it. You can download Movie Theatre Butter from the Diamond Wizard respository. You can download it from the link and then install it through Kodi.

Neptune Rising is from the best Kodi addons from the Blamo Repository. It has a simple layout for movies and TV shows. The URL for the repository is: . Alternative URL:

This addon is updated. It is now renamed and known as Neptune Rising. Originally, Poseidon was available on the soulless repo. The old URL was: . You can now download Neptune Rising instead of Poseidon as an alternative on Kodi from the Blamo Repo. The URL for the repo is:

This addon is an all-rounder addon allowing users to stream TV shows, movies, sports, live TV and more. It is a one-click addon that finds the best stream to play for you. It is found in the Maverick Repository which can be installed from the URL:

This is from yet another best Kodi addons from the Maverick Repository. The sections in the add-on include movies, screeners, catch up TV, Kids, Radio, Music, Sports and TV which makes it the best Kodi addons. Its repo can be installed under the URL:

Uranus Kodi addon is a new Kodi addon from the Griffin Repo. The repo for these best Kodi addons is itself in the Blamo URL. It has a collection of movies, TV shows and TV catch up as well as Trakt to keep a comprehensive history of everything you watch while also coexisting in the global community of movie enthusiasts. To Install the best Kodi addons, Uranus, scroll up for guide.

This is again a Fork of the once popular Exodus Addon. This is amongst the best Kodi addons that are in Italian language by default. You can change this by going into Tools Setting General and change Info Language and Provider Language to the one you prefer.It can be downloaded from the Android Repository with the installation URL:

As the name suggests, this addon is one of the best Kodi addons for classics. It has classics from fifties to nineties including TV shows and movies both. The addon can be installed from the Mad House Repository with the URL:

This addon is from Soulless Repository. It categories are Revelations, Boxset Kings, The Hit list and more. TV shows and movies can be found in the Revelation category. The repository can be installed with the URL:

Juggernaut is known to be listed in the best Kodi addons that combines all other addons into one. The categories on the addon menu include Timber Wolf, Mystique, Addons Cesar, I Am Absolem, Emerge, Film Noir, I.C.U, Roger and Settings. The sections are further broken into sub categories which has everything from TV shows and documentaries to movies.

For TV shows and movies Tombstone is considered to be one of the best Kodi addons. Tombstone is the addon for you if you are into westerns, Country music, western music, Wild West documentaries and everything else of the sorts. It is one of the must get addons. It can be installed from Zero Tolerance Repo with the URL:

Specto Fork is the continuation of an old addon, Genesis Plugin. Exodus replaced Genesis but with Exodus not being updated for quite a while, Specto Fork Genesis is the next best alternative with fixed code. It has the best feed for movies and TV shows. It is found in two repositories, Goodfellas and Kodil (Kodi Israel) and can be installed from the URL: and respectively.

Safe House Movies is a Kodi addon that has sections for most viewed, recommended, latest, all movies, genres and search. Depending on availability, streams are given by 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p. It could be installed from the Noobs and Nerds Repo but it is not working currently and taken down which means, consequently, the add-on cannot be accessed either.

This addon is a replacement of Stream Army addon. Nemesis has sections from music, audio books, TV shows and movies to sports. It is available on the Stream Army repo and can be downloaded from:

The addon is a video addon from the Bandicoot Builds Repository. The repo location was: . Its sections include live concerts, movies, sporting events, favorites, YouTube. However, unfortunately it is one of the best Kodi addons that do not work anymore.

This addon has various sections such as Latest Added, Top Movies, Search and more. With 1080p Movies you have access to new and high-resolution movies at your fingertips instantly. This addon is on DandyMedia Repo along with One Stop Films. Its repo can be installed from the URL: . For further guide, you can refer to One Stop Films guide and once repo is installed, access the repo, go to video addons and select 1080p Movies to install.

This is another add-on from the DandyMedia team. It has all the similar categories as its old addons from TV shows and movies to recently added and search section. It can be installed from the URL:

Falcon addons are the best Kodi addons which are all divided into separate plugins. This addon, The Falcon Project, combines all material from Falcon movies, sports and TV. It has categories with TV programs, music, sports, IPTV and more. Then it has sub categories that are divided based on genre, years and months. It is available on the Falcon repo which can be installed with the URL:

Though this is a newcomer, it has certainly come to play! Kratos is an all in one add-on. It comes with everything from TV shows to movies that belong several different assorted collections.The thing that stands out about Kratos is its navigation system. Since it is built on the Exodus code there is a lot can be seen here. The main menu is very smooth to browse through and there are several different sub categories. This means that there are a lot of way you can browse the content so as to be able to better filter. To download Kratos you need to download a repository from the following URL . You can access this URL using your Kodi and then later take out the add-on.

CONtv has a variety of great content that ranges from anime, movies, TV shows, cartoons, and other geek culture items. For the best experience, you need to purchase a subscription. Take note, CONtv is only available in the US.

A Kodi addon is an application or program that allows you to watch movies, live TV, cartoons, and more. Kodi addons are easy to download and install, and you can get them from both the official Kodi repository and third-party repositories. For example, you can download the DAZN addon to stream sports live.

Fen is a popular Kodi add-on that allows you to stream movies and TV shows from premium sources. It specializes in services like Easynews and Furk, and it can also work other services like Real Debrid, Premiumize, and All Debrid.

Movies Directory: Select a folder for downloaded movies.TV Shows Directory: Select a folder for downloaded TV shows.Premium Files Directory: Select a folder for downloaded premium files.Image Files Directory: Select a folder for downloaded images.

I have the opposite problem. Has anyone else had Covenant erase search capability for watched videos? Everytime we watch a movie it disappears from all lists and we can no longer search for it. Suggestions? We fell asleep with a movie playing and now cannot go back to finish it.

When using covenant and trying to download a movie of tv show upon getting the links up and hitting menu nothing happens. When using exodus I click on an episode and a new page loads with links i hit menu and can download any working link. Any idea as to why doing the same thing does not provide the same result with covenant?


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