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Gta Sa Player Img Original 127l

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Fortunately, in Gta San Andreas there are practically no such restrictions and ... Andreas Superman you need the IMG TOOL program;; Open the PLAYER.. ... The original mod for GTA: SA, changing the third-person view to the first-person view.

Super Mario 64[a] is a platform game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64. It was released in Japan and North America in 1996 and PAL regions in 1997. It is the first Super Mario game to feature 3D gameplay, combining traditional Super Mario gameplay, visual style, and characters in a large open world. In the game, Bowser, the primary antagonist of the Super Mario franchise, invades Princess Peach's castle and hides the castle's sources of protection, Power Stars, in many different worlds inside magical paintings. As Mario, the player collects Power Stars to unlock enough of Princess Peach's castle to get to Bowser and rescue Princess Peach.

The hub world takes place in Princess Peach's Castle, which consists of three floors, a tower, and a basement, plus a moat and a courtyard outside the castle.[23] The player's main objective is to look for paintings that bring them to courses containing Power Stars, which upon their collection unlock more of the castle hub world.[24] Each of the fifteen courses has seven Power Stars, and an additional fifteen are hidden as secrets and as bonuses, for a total of 120 Power Stars in the game.[25]

The courses are filled with enemies as well as friendly creatures that provide assistance or ask favors, such as Bob-omb Buddies, who will allow Mario to access cannons on request.[26] Some Power Stars only appear after completing certain tasks, often hinted at by the name of the course. These challenges include collecting one hundred yellow coins or eight red coins on a stage, defeating a boss, racing an opponent, and solving puzzles.[27] The final level of the game is blocked by "endless stairs", but Mario can bypass them by collecting seventy Power Stars.[28] There are many hidden mini-courses and other secrets within the castle, which may contain extra Power Stars required for the full completion of the game.[29] If the player returns to the game after collecting all 120 Power Stars, Yoshi can be found on the roof of Princess Peach's Castle, who will give the player a message from the developers, accompanied by one hundred extra lives and an improved triple jump.[25][30]

Super Mario 64 is one of the first games for which Nintendo produced its illustrations internally instead of by outsourcing.[43] The graphics were made using N-World, a Silicon Graphics (SGI)-based toolkit.[44] The development team prioritized Mario's movement and, before levels were created, tested and refined Mario's animations on a simple grid.[39] The 3D illustrations were created by Shigefumi Hino, Hisashi Nogami, Hideki Fujii, Tomoaki Kuroume, and Yusuke Nakano, and the game was animated by co-director Yoshiaki Koizumi and Satoru Takiwaza.[7] Yōichi Kotabe, illustrator and character designer for the Mario series, made a 3D drawing of Mario from various angles and directed the creation of the character models.[9] In an interview with The Washington Post, Yoshiaki Koizumi recalled that his challenge was animating the 3D models without any precedents.[42] To assist players with depth perception, the team positioned a faux shadow directly beneath each object regardless of the area's lighting. Y


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