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Power Line Carrier Communication Ppt HOT Download For Windowsl ((TOP))

One of the most common noise sources within manufacturing equipment is pneumatic- or compressed-air-driven devices such as air valves, cylinders, and solenoid valves. High-velocity air is also a major contributor to worker noise exposure where hand-held air wands or guns are used to remove debris from work areas. Finally, compressed air nozzles are often used to eject parts from a machine or conveyor line. All these forms of pneumatic systems generate undesirable noise as the high-velocity air mixes with the atmospheric air, creating excessive turbulence and particle separation. It is important to note that the intensity of sound is proportional to the air flow velocity raised to the 8th power. Therefore, as a source modification, it is recommended that the air-pressure setting for all pneumatic devices be reduced or optimized to as low a value as practical. As a general guideline, the sound pressure level can be reduced by approximately 6 dBA for each 30% reduction in air velocity. Additional noise controls for high-velocity air are presented in the retrofit and relocation sections below.

Power Line Carrier Communication Ppt HOT Download For Windowsl



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