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A Gentleman Kannada Movie Review

A Gentleman is a 2020 Indian Kannada-language action thriller film co-written and directed by Jadesh Kumar Hampi in his directorial debut. The film stars Prajwal Devraj, Nishvika Naidu and Sanchari Vijay in the lead roles. The film revolves around Bharath Kumar, who suffers from sleeping beauty syndrome, which makes him fall asleep for 18 hours a day. He gets involved in a women egg scam and tries to save his niece Varu, who goes missing.



Bharath Kumar works in an electronics showroom and lives with his brother, sister-in-law and their daughter Varu. One night, his brother and sister-in-law die in a car accident, leaving Bharath to take care of Varu. However, due to his condition, he is unable to handle her and sends her to an orphanage. She is brought back by Tapaswini, who is Bharath's ex-girlfriend and promises to take care of her. They spend some time together and also visit Wonderla amusement park, but Varu disappears while playing there. Bharath and Tapaswini lodge a complaint to the police and ACP Shivamurthy takes charge of the investigation. They find clues leading to a person named Nani, who is declared dead. Bharath decides to investigate the case himself and finds out that Dr.Swaminathan Rai is the mastermind behind a women egg scam, where he kidnaps young girls and sells their eggs to foreign clients. He also learns that Swaminathan was responsible for killing his brother and sister-in-law, who had witnessed one of his victims escaping from his hideout. Bharath confronts Swaminathan and his henchmen and kills them all. He also rescues Varu and other girls from his clutches.


A Gentleman is a fast-paced and engaging action thriller that keeps the audience hooked till the end. The film has a unique premise of sleeping beauty syndrome, which adds an element of suspense and challenge to the protagonist's quest. The film also deals with a serious issue of women egg scam, which exposes the dark side of the medical industry. The film has some impressive action sequences, especially the climax fight between Bharath and Swaminathan. The film also has some emotional moments, such as Bharath's bond with Varu and Tapaswini.

The film's performances are also commendable. Prajwal Devraj delivers a convincing performance as Bharath Kumar, who struggles with his syndrome and fights for his niece. He portrays both the vulnerability and the strength of his character with ease. Nishvika Naidu is charming as Tapaswini, who supports Bharath throughout his ordeal. She also shares a good chemistry with Prajwal. Sanchari Vijay is impressive as ACP Shivamurthy, who helps Bharath in his investigation. He adds some comic relief to the otherwise serious plot. Aradhya.N.Chandra plays the menacing role of Dr.Swaminathan Rai with aplomb. He makes the audience hate him for his evil deeds.

The film's music by B.Ajaneesh Loknath is catchy and suits the mood of the film. The songs are well picturized and add value to the narrative. The film's cinematography by Murali Mohan Kasthala & Aroor Sudhakar Shetty is crisp and captures the action scenes well. The film's editing by Venkatesh UDV is smooth and maintains the pace of the film.

Overall, A Gentleman is a well-made action thriller that entertains and educates the audience. It is a film that deserves to be watched and appreciated.




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